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Annie’s Ceramics

We have a huge collection of ceramics, purchased during 1978 through 2001. We have gathered these pieces all across the United States, and need to reduce our inventory. We are an "as is" store, featuring photographs of the actual piece you will receive. Any defects have been noted and are reflected in the price.

All items are in varied degrees of completeness, offering you a chance to express your creativity.

General care to maintain a
quality piece for life
Find out about the different types of finishes.

Glazed, Bisque, Acrylic Paints, Gold/Mother of Pearl, Fired, Green ware

MORE MORE Beautiful Asian inspired vase Ceramic painted fish Ceramic Spooky House
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Wonderful Winter Ceramic Cottage Santa is watching! Proud Horse Ceramic Angels

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All pieces are new,

That means NEVER been used.

Acrylic Painted Colorful tree house Cute ceramic pumpkins